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The Road Goes on Forever, But the Lawsuits Never End: ConnectU, Facebook, Their Entourages

The ConnectU/Facebook legal saga is truly astounding.  Imagine a mature Oak tree.  Now give the it properties of Kudzu vine (the “vine that ate the South”).  Each branch of this tree is another lawsuit involving ConnectU, Facebook, the principals, and their lawyers.

Now, a new branch has burst forth.  Wayne Chang has sued ConnectU and its lawyers in Superior Court Business Litigation Session in Suffolk County, Boston, claiming that Chang is entitled to as much as 50% of the value of the ConnectU/Facebook settlement (so called, since ConnectU has challenged the finality of the settlement).

You can read about the ConnectU/Facebook saga here, or wait until the movie comes out.

Here is the complaint in the Chang case, and apologies to Robert Earl Keen.

Chang v. Winklevoss Complaint Read the full article

Judge Ralph Gants: SJC’s Gain Will Be BLS’s Loss

by Lee Gesmer on December 1, 2008

Today’s Boston Globe reports that Governor Deval Patrick will nominate Superior Court Judge Ralph Gants to the seat on the Supreme Judicial Court now vacated by Justice John Greaney. This is a great nomination – Judge Gants is truly a superstar of the Massachusetts Superior Court – without question one of the best, if not the best, minds on the state trial court. He has reportedly been on the “short list” of potential nominees for the last few weeks, and there was little question in my mind that he was the outstanding choice on that list. I expect his nomination to the SJC to be approved by the legislature in a heart beat.

Judge Judith Fabricant has been the number 2 judge in this session (the BLS2 session) since Judge Van Gestel’s retirement, but it’s unclear if she will provide what has become a tradition of leadership and excellence in the relatively short period of time since the BLS was created, or even whether she is interested in taking on the responsibility of leading the BLS.… Read the full article

The Globe article begins:

Judge Allan van Gestel dismisses the buzz that is making its away around Boston’s legal community that he is stepping down from the state’s business court that he shaped so effectively over the last seven years because he ruffled the feathers of his fellow judges and his bosses with his concerns about the future of the court. He is not, however, backing down a bit about those concerns. [click here to continue reading]

To read Judge van Gestel’s letter to the the adminstrative judges (described in the Globe article) click here.

To read the administrative judges’ response, click here.… Read the full article

Judge Van Gestel to Retire at Year End

by Lee Gesmer on January 24, 2007

At a Boston Bar Association lunch program today, Judge Allan Van Gestel informed the audience that he would not put himself on the “recall” list at the end of this year. In other words, at the age of 71 Judge Van Gestel will be retiring from the bench at the close of 2007, after running the session (with the help of some other Superior Court Judges) since its formation in 2000. For some background on the recall issue, click here.

It looks like Judge Gants (who has been the second judge in the BLS (“BLS2”) for the last year or so) has been groomed to take the helm of the BLS after Judge Van Gestel departs, although this is by no means a certainty. If Judge Gants does take over BLS1, it remains to be seen who will take his place in BLS2.… Read the full article