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Mass Law Blog Update, Week Ending February 14, 2014

by | Feb 14, 2014

  • “The Future of Fair Use After Google Books.” Jonathan Band summarizes his debate with John Baumgarten over whether the district court’s decision in Google Books was rightly decided.  (link)
  • Terry Hart on Copyhype –  “Volitional Conduct: Primetime Anytime and TV Now”
  • Future of Music Coalition’s Casey Rae’s post, “What’s the Deal with ‘Pre-’72’ Copyrights?” (link)
  • Massive, 478 page report concludes that yes, Australian copyright law should include fair use exceptions. However, it is only a recommendation, not the law (link to 478 page pdf)
  • The Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law has issued a 284 page report titled, “Copyright, Competition and Development.” The Report “analyzes the  practice  of  competition  law jurisdictions on copyright-related markets around the world.” (link to 284 page pdf)
  • “Russian-SOPA” used to shut down music site domain name (Torrent Freak post)
  • EU court holds that clickable link does not infringe copyright in the site to which users are redirected. Or, in translated EU-speak, “the provision on a website of clickable links to works freely available on another website does not constitute an ‘act of communication to the public’, as referred to in that provision.” (link) Commentary from The 1709 Blog
  • Michael Carrier’s article, Only ‘Scraping’ the Surface: The Copyright Hole in the FTC’s Google Settlementis now available on SSRN
  • Secondary liability copyright claim against individual employee fails. BioD, LLC v. Amnio Technology, D. Ariz.
  • Copyright and the Changing Political Environment in Washington: A View From the Inside, The Copyright Society of the U.S.A., New York Chapter (YouTube Video)
  • Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy, The 2013 Report. Take-away stat: copyright industries are growing are more than 2x the U.S. economy. (Do economists and copyright mix?)(link)
  • The Copyright Office is seeking additional comments on the subject of “Orphan Works and Mass Digitization.” Public roundtable discussions will be held on March 10 and 11, 2014. Details on the Federal Register 
  • Week three of CopyrightX, “The Subject Matter of Copyright” (link)
  • “Performing for profit: 100 years of music performance rights” The history of ASCAP and BMI, on the Oxford University Press blog (link)