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When It Comes to the "New Economy," We’re First

by | Nov 21, 2008

The New Economy – it takes full advantage of the Digital Revolution. It’s open to innovation, not just in IT but in robotics, clean energy, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. It supports a low-cost, low-carbon energy system. It takes advantage of opportunities offered by globalization. It accommodates regional growth in a balanced manner.

And yes, as was true in 1999, 2002 and 2007, in 2008, once again, Massachusetts ranks first, by a significant margin. The full report — The 2008 State New Economy Index, from the non-profit The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation — leaves no question about this. The states at the top of this index are “leading the United States’ transformation into a global, entrepreneurial and knowledge- and innovation-based New Economy.” And yes, let me repeat lest your attention has wandered, we are first, first, first. (n.b.: Washington is second, and Mississippi last).