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In re Bilski – The Pendulum Swings

by | Nov 2, 2008

Those who take an interest in patents — inventors, litigants, lawyers, judges, pundits, trolls, and on and on — have been waiting with bated breath for the CAFC’s decision in In re Bilski. Is it a game changer for much-maligned “business method” patents? How far does it go in narrowing the patentability of business method processes? How will the courts apply it? How does it affect pending or contemplated cases? Is the Supreme Court likely to accept an appeal?

It seems that almost every patent lawyer in the country feels compelled to write about this decision. Tens of thousands of words will be written. Indeed, I would swear that some lawyers pulled all-nighters on Thursday night so they would be the first to write about this case by Friday morning, and get a jump on the competition.

To sort through the noise, my recommendation is that you go to the Patently-O blog. Start here, then search Patently-O for “Bilski”. I’m confident that this blog will collect most of the commentary on this case you are likely to need.

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