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by | Sep 19, 2006

Low Brow Lawyer Gossip!

Yes, it astounds me that there can even be such a thing. When I graduated from law school all those many years ago, if you had been able to explain to me what the Internet would be, and what a blog would be, and told me that someday there would be a blog devoted solely to lawyer gossip (things like what law students have been selected as Supreme Court clerks, lawyer weddings, lawyer sex, lawyers coming out of the closet, summer associate faux pas, interview faux pas, judges’ vacation haunts, rich lawyers, ugly lawyers, obnoxious lawyers, and more, seemingly ad infinitum … ), I would have thought you were barking, drooling mad.

Sadly, I would have been wrong. There is such a thing, at a blog called Above The Law, A Legal Tabloid. Jump at your own risk.