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Larry Reece

by | Oct 4, 2006

Laurence H. Reece, III, was a partner at our firm for two years at the end of the 1990s. Following that, he started his own firm in 2000. Larry died of cancer in August 2004.

Larry was the “Dean of the Bar” in Massachusetts when it came to the law of trade secrets and covenants not to compete. He was a nationally recognized expert in these practice areas and a prolific author, writing seminal articles on these topics.

Life moves on, and out of concern that these articles would turn to dust on the bookshelves and in the libraries of Massachusetts attorneys, I asked Larry’s wife, Patricia Manson, for permission to publish some of Larry’s best articles on this blog. She agreed enthusiastically. While the copyrights to these articles belong to the publishers, I believe that this nonprofit, educational publication falls well within fair use. (Warning: these are lengthy PDF files).

This was, and remains, the seminal article on trade secret law in Massachusetts.

This is the counterpart to the 1986 article.

An update on noncompetition agreements.

A valuable and comprehensive guide to trade secret protection programs.

A 2003 comprehensive update to the 1991 article.

These articles remain an important and valuable resource for lawyers and judges in the state, and I hope that they will prove useful, and help keep Larry’s memory alive.