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If the Feds Oppose Him, Tennenbaum (and Nesson) Must be Right! – Joel Fights Back

by | Jan 20, 2010

Joel’s last chance before Massachusetts Federal District Court Judge Gertner (“Joel Fights Back”) is his post-judgment motion to set aside or reduce the damages award against him on the grounds that the judgment is unconstitutional – after all, what government would punish a student to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars for a crummy mp3 download he could have purchased for less than a buck?  Ours, of course.

Joel’s Harvard Prof. lawyers filed a motion – punitive and unconstitutional, said they.

The DOJ disagrees.  Quite proper, say they, per brief below.

It’s not for me to say, but I’m thinking that there are some pretty big egos on the defense side of this case.  Nothing wrong with that, of course ….. 😉

DOJ Tennenbaum Post-trial Brief