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The "Anonymous Lawyer" Industry

by | Jul 21, 2006

First the blog, then the web site, and finally the book. Jeremy Blachman has quite an operation!

Law firms, and especially large law firms, are very strange places. Combine driven, intelligent (mostly), eccentric people, big egos, big money, competition for partnership among associates and for share of income among partners, clients pressures, competition between firms, greed, …. I could go on. Having worked at three of these institutions (the-firm-formally-known-as Hale and Dorr, the-firm-formally-known-as-Howrey & Simon,and the firm still known as Choate, Hall & Stewart), I am not totally unfamiliar with them. Now, Jeremy Blachman, long-time author of the Anonymous Lawyer blog (which is very mordant and a bit humorous if taken in small bites), has written a soon-to-be released book, The Anonymous Lawyer.

In the manner of these things, the book is being promoted at an elaborate (and I do mean elaborate) web site which you can view by clicking here. In fact, I hope half as much work went into the book as went into the web site.

This is very funny stuff (the web site; I can’t comment on the book). Sadly, the picture it paints is one that many practitioners will find strikes uncomfortably close to home.