Mass Law Blog Interview of Andy Updgrove

by | Nov 15, 2008, one of the leading open source software web sites, recently interviewed my partner, Andy Updegrove, and wrote a very complementary article (part of its Portrait Series). The article focuses on Andy’s involvement with open source software, and also touches on many highlights in Andy’s career, including the role he played in the creation of the MIT License in the early ’90’s (one of the first, and most popular open source software licenses). Andy had drafted that license for our client, the X Consortium, and it was only years later that he realized that the license had been adopted by many open source projects, eventually becoming known as the MIT License. The interview also includes his views on open source and open standards (where he has played a significant role), his work as counsel to the Linux Foundation, and several other highlights of his career.

A link to the article is here.